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More about the Beryl option

Get access to a healthcare provider who belongs to the GEMS network. You don’t have to pay for treatment or book an appointment and pay out -of-pocket.

  • We encourage you to nominate a General Practitioner (GP) if you’re on the Beryl option, to coordinate your healthcare needs. However, you won’t be penalised if you don’t nominate a GP.
  • If you visit a non-network GP, your consultation will be paid from your non-nominated benefit. This benefit allows for a maximum of three visits per family (annually) to a GP who isn’t part of the GEMS network.
  • The Scheme will fund 70% of your medical expenses and you will have to pay a co-payment of the remaining 30%. If you deplete your non-nominated benefit and you consult a non-nominated GP, your claim will not be paid by the Scheme.
  • Visits to a specialist must be referred by your nominated GP. Your nominated GP must also call our call centre to get pre-authorisation before you can visit a specialist. 
  • Pathology and radiology tests (blood tests and x-rays) must be referred by your nominated GP. These tests must be in line with the GEMS formulary (list of approved tests or services) for Beryl.

How much does it cost?

Salary band Principal Member Additional adult member Additional child member
0 - R 9728 R1235 R1231 R692
R9728.01 - R13651 R1339 R1329 R764
R13651.01 - R23386 R1462 R1462 R821
R23386.01 + R1755 R1755 R996

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Are you on total cost to company?

Qualifying Public Service employees could enjoy up to 100% subsidy from their employer.

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