Corporate Social Investments (CSI)

During 2007 a staff committee was established with the view of addressing matters related to the employment issues affecting staff members, the health and safety of employees and Employment Equity measures for the Scheme. During this time the Scheme was backlogged with letters from NGO's, clinics and schools requesting the Scheme to assist them financially or by donating various items.

This committee was later changed to the Employee Committee, whose scope was refined to also look at matters not involving employees only, but also how GEMS can contribute to the society at large and its members.

The Employee Committee formed a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) sub-committee task team which included staff members from different family background(s). The diverse background(s) of GEMS employees assisted in implementing the mandate of the CSI initiative as staff members were aware of issues affecting different communities.

In terms of budgetary arrangements, the Scheme makes provision for CSI and it relies upon the GEMS CSI task team to ensure that the budget is well managed and spent wisely during the course of the year. The Task Team developed an action plan during 2008 which was implemented comprehensively in 2009.

Purpose The purpose of the GEMS CSI committee is to promote health and wellness in underprivileged communities by investing time, skills and expertise to ensure that GEMS uplift the disadvantaged communities.